Install Locator for Svelte

Install Locator on Svelte codebase.

Svelte support is experimental:
  • It does not show component's name and bounding box.

Browser extension (option A)

Easiest way to start with Locator is to install a Browser Extension
You can get extension for Chrome, Edge, Brave, Opera, Firefox

Library (option B)

If you would like to install Locator to your project, so all team members can use it. You can install it as a library.
npm install -D @locator/runtime
Add this to some global/root file, usually:index.js or App.svelte
import setupLocatorUI from "@locator/runtime";

if (process.env.NODE_ENV === "development") {
    adapter: "svelte",
    projectPath: __PROJECT_PATH__,
and add this to your vite.config.js
export default defineConfig({
  define: {
    __PROJECT_PATH__: `"${process.cwd()}/"`,